niedziela, 17 stycznia 2010

16 000 accounts banned in Aion Online

Almost 16,000 accounts have been removed from the Western version of massively multiplayer online game Aion, primarily for using third party software (botting) and taking part in illegal gold buying and selling.

In a post on the official forums community manager Andrew Beegle announced the bans as part of a snap server wide reboot, after evidence for account violations had been gathered over several weeks.

We are taking a very hard stance on this issue and do have sophisticated processes and procedures in place that help us keep unwarranted banning to a minimum, said Beegle.

Any action that modifies the client or automates the same way a bot does could potentially flag an account as a violator, he clarified. Please understand that it is not what YOU have done on your account, but what the account has done. If your account is shared, purchased, borrowed, or power-levelled, it could be the actions of anyone who’s ever used the account.

Also I heard a rumor about double XP weekend is upon us, and just in time, so are the Veteran Rewards. This month's rewards are a simple:

Revival Stone (4)
Lodas Amulet (4)

If you were one of the most Honored Daevas to have started on the game's September 22nd release date, login to the NCSoft Master Account page every 22nd to apply your in-game rewards.