niedziela, 17 stycznia 2010

How to protect your Aion Account

With an increase in Aion account thefts being reported, keeping game accounts safe has become a high priority for us all. What can you do to ensure the safety of your own account? NCsoft shares a few tips.

Follow simple measures that will help keep your toons safe

1. Change your NCSoft Master Account password as well as all of your game account passwords on a regular basis.

2. Use unique usernames and passwords for your NCSoft Master Account and game accounts.

3. Never share your account information or passwords with anyone. NCSoft employees will never ask for your account information, unless you contact Customer Service directly for assistance.

4. Beware of phishing attempts in-game and online. Do not click on any in-game link, as NCSoft will never send you an in-game link. When logging into your NCsoft Master Account be aware that some sites will use identical visuals, links, and special offers in an attempt to steal your account information.

5. Keep your operating system and virus protection software updated.

It also appears that scammers are utilizing Aion gaming forums as well, posting threads with questionable links that aim to infect susceptible computers. Be careful of where you click! If it's a link to see naked women caught by satellite, it's probably not good.