poniedziałek, 13 września 2010

Aion Online t-shirts

Now everyone, who want to share with the world their love to the our favorite game - Aion Online – can buy at J!NX fresh and new T-Shirts from their special Aion collection. In my opinion, those shirts are just looking fantastic and I am going to buy one of them soon – they are way too cool to be able to avoid that purchase. Price is good and I don't mind spending these sixty euro for three shirts.

From the other worth notation news, you know about great start of Aion Online? NCSoft has admitted, that they had almost 400,000 pre-orders, which made Aion Online the biggest MMO launch in 2009. What's actually is tragic, is the fact, that after premiere there have been a massive queues and in order to play in Aion online, we have had to wait for a few hours, until we could even login into the Aion universe. Personally, I had to wait for about two to three hours, but It does not matter, because I had had in plans to play in game for the whole night. Don't ask, how did I looked at the morning, but it was worth it.

Anyway, that number of players is good, because until there is community in specified game, until game is alive (Blizzard has been releasing patches to Diablo 2 or StarCraft even now). Don't mention about that I don't need to still farm Aion kinah and I can easily trade with items. That's why, NCSoft is making also massive upgrade to the Aion Online – it includes some gameplay changes, as also extreme graphical changes – if you want to see trailer, check it out on YT.

And here we are, after a some time which has passed after the Aion online premiere. I have already created few characters and having fun in the Aion's universe. If you don't know, what Aion online is, I will happily introduce it to you.

Aion online is one of the Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPG) and it has all features, which cRPG should has, which I mean storyline, avatar creation, interaction with game's world, Non-player characters, possibility to fight with various monsters and gather experience and develop our precious avatar.

Of course, avatar creation we are starting by choosing server on which we would like to play. You can choose by seeing It's population and name – there is no split into PvP and PvE server(probably yet). After selecting a server, you now have to choose in which side of conflict which you want to play – the Elyos or the Asmodiands – to put it simply, good guys or bad guys. Obviously, this selection indicates your starting zone.

If you decided about the race, now It's another dilemma – class(and maybe gender, women in Aion are actually very pretty). Classes in Aion online has similar system like in Lineage II – you have to select a main class and during the character development, you are deciding about your specialization, which I mean for example Priest going into supporting (Chanter) or battling way (Cleric).

Now, when you have finished class choosing, It's time for changing the look. You can choose from various body types and preset faces as well. If you don't like the look of your future avatar, you can easily change it with sliders. And remember about choosing a voice.

When you finish all, you will have overall character preview with zoom and rotating options.

That's it for today, I hope this post will be helpful to you. I will write some more about classes in the next post, so stay up for more.