środa, 23 września 2009

Classes in Aion Online

Today I would like to tell you some about the classes in Aion Online. I hope my mini-guide will help you with case of choosing class.

In Aion Online, classes are unique for Asian style, which is choosing an archetype and later developing character into specified way, like Warrior can become a Templar – tank, or damage dealing Gladiator. That system is in various Asian games like Aion 's developer Lineage II or in Maple Story made by Nexon or else Final Fantasy XI.
The first who I would like to start talking about, is a Warrior. Warrior is toughest from all basic classes and his task is to focus attack of the enemy on himself. He's got various bonuses to hit points, armor etc. After some levels, you are able to choose your path, how do you want to play – do you want to be the one who will always be needed in various dungeons, with extremely high armor and hit points Templar, or do you want to be rather a support damage dealer and be one of these, who like to run around and kill „stuff”.

The next one is a Scout. Scouts are wearing a light armor and are specialized in stealth and ranged combat. Naturally, their next step in development, is becoming an Assassin – in other words rogue, who hides and stabs, or a Ranger, which task is total massive damage dealing during the play.

Well, that's it for today, I'll write some about Priests and Mages in the next post.