wtorek, 13 października 2009

Great start

Thanks to Aion, NCSoft can be in good mood while talking about past quarter - almost million game copies has been sold, and that, obviously, gave company a lot of money.
Third quarter of current calendar year, NCSoft can count to the good ones - Aion Online premiere(even it had premiere at the end of the September, it repaired Korean's developer budget a lot). Company has revealed, that they sold about half million copies of this MMORPG games in United States of America and four-hundred and seventy thousand in Europe.

This terrific result, during the months - July, August, September - has given the company 142 millions dollars of income and 40 millions dollars of pure profits. It's 836% more, than in the same period, a year before.

It's not a big surprise for us - Aion players - though. Aion online is high-budget production with really lot heart put into the game by NCSoft - and there were some few minor game premieres, but that's not worth to mention anyway. NCSoft came nice with the debut - now we all hope, that fast population grow rate on Asmodae and Elysia, will remain as it is. It will give us, players a lot profits also.
It's too bad though, we had been waiting after the start of Aion.

I was the one, obviously, who was forced to wait - I had to wait, for about 4 hours. But It's better, if players are present, than when they aren't. It's one of the MMORPG games is not? Not to mention, that after entering the game, I had been playing whole night :).

Thanks to these players, I can get a lot of Aion kinah simply by trading. What could I have done, without those precious other Aion online gamers. Farming Aion kinah is indeed pretty boring, so I will do whatever it takes, to avoid it. I want just a pure fun from gaming - It's simple. Not to mention, that subscription is not cheap. Time is precious!