środa, 2 września 2009

Few words about Aion

A lot of time has passed after our great game - Aion Online premiere. For those who doesn't know, Aion Online is one of a MMORPG games, so as it is in RPGs, players are creating a character – select gender, race, name, change look as also take a specific class. After finishing an avatar creation, gamers are entering into the great universe of the mentioned game – Aion, and do various quests, gather Aion kinah and such. What's also in Aion unique, is a class system.

Class system is similar to the one in Lineage II – first we have to choose a basic job, then after developing character for a some time, players are advancing into one of the two possible ways of being stronger – Scout can become Assassin or Ranger, Mage a Sorcerer or Spiritualist as also Priest got possibility to transform into Cleric or Chanter.

Aion Online is very good game and personally, I very like it's style. Graphic is just beautiful and manga-style, which game presents, I just love. I mean Love. What's also great, game will get a massive update, which contains upgrading current visual side of Aion. If you want to check out, how it is going to look, you can find it very easily on YT.