środa, 23 grudnia 2009

Enter to win some amazing prizes!

Add to your Aion Solorius Festival enjoyment by participating in AionSource's great holiday contest! Your story could net you some really nice prizes including an exclusive in-game title.

As you can see from the above ransom note, The Shulack Pirates have kidnapped Solorius and are holding him aboard the Steel Rake! It is up to all Daeva, no matter their race or faction, to come together and create a rescue plan as these demands are simply unacceptable!

How to enter:
Write a story involving your best escape plan for Solorius and how you carry it out!

January 4th, 2010 winners will be selected and contacted, and then on Tuesday, January 5th, 2010 those winners will be announced here on AionSource.


NCsoft has been generous enough to give us 10 Steelbook Editions of Aion to give away for our contest. Use them for you if you don't have an account or gift them to a family member or friend so they can enjoy Aion with you! Thanks, NC West!

First Place: (1 winner)

1 Aion Steelbook Edition game
1 in-game potion pack code
1 year Curse Premium subscription!
Exclusive AionSource title: Savior of Solorius

Also As gaming communities across the web take inventory of the last year, many are summing up 2009's MMOG releases and putting their own stamp of approval, or disapproval, on the best and worst games of the year. Aion has managed to impress multiple community sites bringing home even MMORPG.com's coveted Best New Game of 2009.

For those who might not have guessed, MMORPG.com's New Game of 2009 is NCsoft's Aion. On the surface, Aion is one of the most graphically impressive MMORPGs created to date, sporting visuals that are thus far unmatched in the MMO genre. In creating Aion, the game's developers took existing concepts and conventions of gameplay and added interesting aspects like the game's flight system to give it its own flavor.

MMORPG.com was not the only community site that found Aion to be the game that made 2009, many other sites, including Ten Ton Hammer, had favorable things to say about the eastern crossover MMMOG.