środa, 16 grudnia 2009

Aion Associate Producer Discusses Current Game State

How do the folks on the other side think the game is doing?
You have to only look around our own forums and across the internet to read up on how Aion players feel the game is doing just a few short months since launch, but how do the guys over at NCsoft West feel about the current state of the game? MMORPG.com interviewed Aion Associate Producer Chris Hager to get his thoughts on how things are progressing in this eastern crossover.
Now that the game has launched, what is one area you feel needs some improvement?

Chris Hager: One of the areas that we would like to improve is communication with our players. We've been in a huge rush the past year to get the game ready for launch and up to the high quality standards we expect, and have only recently been able to really switch mentally from a pre-launch mindset to a post-launch mindset. With this we're working on increased community support and communication, which I think the players will really get a lot out of.

Check out the full interview over at MMORPG.com and let us know what you think! Does the Aion team have a clear idea as to the needs of the community? Get in your two kinah by clicking the "Post your comments" link below.